SleepyCloud Docs

What's SleepyCloud?

SleepyCloud is a Discord Bot serving over 20000 members

If not in your server already, invite SleepyCloud to your discord server here.

Users can currently vote every 12 hours for SleepyCloud. Inviting and Voting SleepyCloud will help SleepyCloud's developer (me) :)

What is SleepyCloud? 🤔

You have come across my wonderful, beautiful blazingly smart Discord bot. This bot is packed to the brim with unfinished blazingly fast commands and functionality. Sounds good, doesn't it? SleepyCloud is a advanced and smart bot that brings some great perks to your Discord server!

SleepyCloud comes with numerous ways to entertain and moderate your server. There are a variety of settings so only you (as a admin/mod), can control what your users can do with SleepyCloud or your server. A few tools are also given that are not seen as often in other bots. The default prefix is s. and this prefix can not be changed. In case you forget your prefix or need quick assistance, you can @SleepyCloud for a quick help message.

The SleepyCloud Discord Bot ("bot") is owned and developed by SpaceXLiquid Development. The following Terms & Conditions ("terms") are automatically followed when you use SleepyCloud.
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