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At a fairly low price and one time purchase, great benefits are offered to your server.

Donations go to supporting SleepyCloud, Packages will be updated and given more fun features! The reason for the following features to be premium are because of the days spent making the system as break proof, advanced, and smart as possible. These features are handled with care and will always be prioritized when an issue arises.

SleepyJet+ Complete Packages

Global packages are applied on all compliant servers

SleepyJet+ PackageSleepyPlayer PerformanceRequest TypeCooldown TimeGreat For
SilverBasicBasic7 SecondsA small server
GoldAdvanced with High FidelityPrioritized5 SecondsA Medium-Sized Coummunity Server
PlatinumAdvanced with Premium FidelityPrioritized2 secondsA Huge-Sized Coummunity Server
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